Sorry I’ve been really busy with school :/ But I’m back 😀

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Celebrate the upcoming release of Disney Secret of the Wings by creating the ultimate winter-themed Fairy outfit!

One lucky winner will receive prizes to share with their friend, including:

  • TWO Disney Fairies Fashion Prize Packs!
  • TWO bundles of 1000 Pixie Diamonds!
  • PLUS have their design made available as a virtual outfit in Pixie Hollow!

 To enter, create an image of a Fairy wearing an original winter-themed outfit (including a top, bottom and shoes) and submit your design between now and noon (PST) on August 29, 2012.

There are two ways you can enter the contest:

Please send original hand-drawn art only and no screenshots. Good luck!

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Pixie Post Office

Well, I was buying the new blue/yellow Silvermist outfit at the Pixie Post Office,my bestie has been wanting it, and right before I made my purchase, there was a pop up that said, “Sorry our store is closed for a few minutes while we add some new clothes to our inventory!” So I am currently waiting for the new outfits, and just thought this was strangely interesting.

Marigold's Musings

Everyone with a registered Pixie Hollow account received an email yesterday afternoon that probably looked similar to this (if not identical):

This leads me to believe that attendance is WAY down this year.

To prove I am right, here’s the email I received yesterday (remember, my Membership just expired on Monday, July 16):

Getting a free 7-day Membership is totally awesome  😀  I just wish they would offer this to people who haven’t been a Member so they can experience a Membership for just a few days…

I have until September 12th to redeem the trial Membership, so I’m going to use it next week so I can enjoy Troop Butterfly Spirit Week  😀  I’ll post the code after I use it to see if anyone else has luck with it.

Did your email look different than both of these? Please share  🙂

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Okay, I am very unhappy with Pixie Hollow. Why you ask? They deleted my account. AGAIN!!! So I shall make another account and name it Daphne. I am going to email Pixie Hollow about this. Any suggestions on what to say?


I’m back and can’t wait to start blogging again! As usual I checked out Marigolds blog first thing 😀

Marigold's Musings

Hi, Fairy fashionistas! Thanks for flying with me for the Fashion Spotlight in Palm Tree Cove last week. You all looked tea party perfect and summer-ready! These stylish pixies will be receiving the Fashion Spotlight badge for their standout outfits:

Even more new fashions have just arrived at the Pixie Post Office! And, If you throw your own garden tea party this weekend, you might get two very special guests – Rosetta and Dulcie will be dropping in on public parties named “Delicious Tea Party” on Saturday and Sunday! Check the Calendar for times!

See ya ‘round the waterfall,



Q: Why are there no sparrow men in the spotlight this time?
A: I try to include Sparrow Men in my spotlights, but it was a Fairy fashion frenzy this month.

Q: When is the next spotlight fashion?
A: The next Fashion Spotlight will happen in early July.

Q: So…

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Well, you remember May right? Well, we were online and she got the Blue Ballerina outfit from the post office. (But not the same shoes) And I know she has only 1 other friend, and that’s our cousin Mariah. Then, I know our parents haven’t gotten us any diamonds. Also, Mariah’s fairy Robin, doesn’t have that outfit. Any suggestions to what she did? Cause’ I would like ta’ know!!!! Please help me figure this out 🙂

Meet May!

Hey everyone! Meet May! She is my sister Denice’s fairy. She just started playing a couple nights ago 🙂 She is a water talent 🙂 I just wanted to introduce you to her!

My sisters fairy 🙂

Off topic but…

Okay I was job shadowing today. I know this is off topic. But have you thanked your teachers for what they do? They spend THEIR time grading, and preparing for you to learn! So please thank them 🙂 It would mean a lot to them!! Oh and I have emailed Pixie Hollow about secret codes, and got this back:

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to write us.

Secret Codes are sometimes given out for free through Pixie Hollow promotional pieces on the Disney Channel, like “GAME-ON” and “Get Connected”! Once they are finished airing on the Disney Channel, we sometimes post them on our Website, so I would go through all of the short videos on our Pixie Hollow website and see if you can find some Secret Codes!

Oh, and just because, I will share one of our latest Secret Codes with you! Visit the following link, and enter the Secret Code “flower”:

Now, I would be more than happy to address your concerns regarding membership on Pixie Hollow. Here at Pixie Hollow the safety of our players is our number one priority, which is why we don’t host any outside advertisements on our website. Instead, we have decided to offer an enhanced game play experience for those players who purchase a membership package. Offering extra features is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to the members of Pixie Hollow. Running a website is very expensive, and without their support we wouldn’t be able to make updates for all of our Fairies to enjoy.

Now I have some pretty ‘paw’some news… Apart from the Tea Room Games (Two for Tea and Crazy Cakes) ALL Fairies are able to play the easy, medium, hard and royal levels of the Talent Games. For a quick reference, I have listed all of the Talent Games below:

Fairy Fireworks in Acorn Summit
Harvest Hustle in Pumpkin Patch
Tinker Toss in Cottonpuff Field
Pinecone Pop in Snowcap Glade
Snowy Lullaby in Snowcap Glade
Snowflake Sweep in Evergreen Overlook
Gem Juggle in Chilly Falls
Bubble Bounce in Dewdrop Vale
Water Web in Neverberry Thicket
Petal Pick-Up in Cherryblossom Heights
Firefly Light-Up in Springtime Orchard
Seed Sorter in Treetop Bend
Butterfly Painter in Palm Tree Cove
First Flight in Neverfruit Grove
SunBeam Bend in Sunflower Gully

Plus, don’t forget that all Fairies can race their Fairy friends in the Animal Derby at the Fairy Coliseum!

Free players can also collect ingredients, complete a quest from each of the Mentor Fairies and earn some of the badges. They are able to take adventures in the Wilderness with their Fairy Friends, which is pretty exciting! Oh, and we are also very happy to offer the ability to become a Talent Master to free players, where they can earn Talent Points to level up their Fairy’s Talent Level.

We also have a feature called Pixie Diamonds. Every account receives 7 free Pixie Diamonds to start out with and everyone can earn some more free Pixie Diamonds each time they reach a new Talent Level. Isn’t that sweet?

More Pixie Diamonds are also available for purchase, with the permission of a parent/guardian. There are bundles of Pixie Diamonds starting at $3, and can be cheaper than membership if there are only a few feature you want access to. Here is a list of what all players can do with Pixie Diamonds:

o   Get new clothes and accessories for their Fairy or Sparrow Man
o   Dye items and change their hair
o   Adopt an adorable Animal Friend
o   Buy and decorate a new Fairy Home
o   Send postcards and gifts to their Fairy friends
o   Throw a pixie party and invite friends to play party games

If you and your parent/guardian would like more information about memberships or Pixie Diamonds, please feel free to visit the membership page of our website at the following link:

On another note, if you ever want to read about what’s new and exciting around our splashtastic game, be sure to read the Never News Blog. You will find this page of our website, by visiting the following link:

I hope that you have fun with the games I told you about! Please don’t hesitate to email us again anytime you have another question or concern for Pixie Hollow. We are always here and happy to help out.

Have a flitterific day,


Gales New Sales and Stuff!

Have you been to Gales lately? Well, if you haven’t noticed, Featured Outfit #4 is on sale!!! It is now 20 diamonds!!! I absolutely LOVE the outfit! I only have the boots, but I’m saving up. Also there’s a new outfit! Featured Outfit #2. It’s a Rosetta themed outfit. So it’s pink (of course 😛 ) and green and has a ton of flowers! I’ll try and get some pics 🙂 Until next time my friends 🙂